Renovate your mind and create your dream life.

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Reach your goals by creating better habits.

You’ve heard of taking baby steps, well, reaching your goals work by incremental steps.

Shed the weight of mental fatigue with the help of guidance.

We’re here to help you in your journey. Support and community are essential when the going gets tough.

Discover the freedom of making your life easier.

Challenges are a part of life. You can live your life by default, or you can live your life by design.

Focus on what you want improve...

As newcomers to this world, we were bursting with energy, dreams, and fortitude. Unfortunately, as we became accustomed to the mainstream ways of life, we began to believe that all of our mental energy and time must be consumed by our efforts to simply survive.

Work, school, and relationships soon became all that we could manage. We decided there was no time for our dreams, and even if there was, we’re too tired anyway.

It may sound bleak, but only if it becomes our truth. The real truth is that we have the potential to do it all, but it’s going to take some practice. 

  • Relationships

    Remember to hug your partner; Smile; Give a compliment.

  • Career

    Go the extra mile; Remember to take "baby steps"; Compliment a colleague

  • Mindfulness

    Breathe; 3 deep breaths; Relax; Get up and dance

  • Happiness

    Get outside; Count your blessings; Laugh; chuckle; giggle just because

Get Nudged Phone App

Get Nudged is the free mobile app for training your mind to think more productive, positive thoughts. Shed the weight of mental fatigue and move through life with ease.

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The Book

In Enlightened Master Seeks Apprentice, your future self writes to give you the jump-start you desperately need for creating the life you desire. There are as many neurons firing in your brain as there are stars in the universe; discover the freedom in focusing all of that power on your end goal!

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