You want a DREAM LIFE,

but can't seem to break

Nudge can help

We use the science of neuroplasticity and the power of habits to gently change how your mind thinks. Habits are the cornerstone of what makes your life. By changing what you think about, your mind opens up to the life you want.


Start reaching your goals!

You'll receive messages or quick to-dos with short descriptions based upon your favorite category.

Choose inspiration from Future Self, Happiness, Success, Inspiration, Motivation or customize your own messages!

Your Messages

A single view of the messages under a particular category will be displayed.

  • Swipe right to like the message and swipe left to pass

  • Save liked messages to the Favorites

  • Undo a swipe

  • Send a feedback if they like a particular message or suggest a message

  • Share the message on social media. This will serve as invitation for other people to download the app


The messages you liked will be displayed here, per category.

Push notifications

  • Config push notification preference
  • Select a notification tone
  • Enable vibrate mode
  • Enter the number of random messages to receive per day
  • Customize the number of messages on a specific day

Send as SMS/Email

Set up phone numbers and email addresses that the app will send messages to and view activity logs.

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